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Print is not dead - Why you should put money aside for print marketing

Print Isn't Dead

2017... can you believe it's 2017!? It doesn't seem like five minutes ago since we welcomed in the millenium and were calling our relatives on our Nokia 3310!

Much has changed in technology, phones are no longer just for calls and texts but are basically an extra limb for mankind.

People in the digital realm exclaim that 'print is dead' but we have to say everything goes full circle and although digital marketing is undoubtedly a cheap way to market there is one fundamental issue with it: it's limited by it's popularity. People are bombarded with adverts via their phones, people switch off to it, their friend's facebook updates are far more interesting than your advert. You are floating in a sea of other ads hoping that something might spark their interest.

Think of all the digital ads you ignore every day, your eyes get used to seeing a sponsored post and where they are posted on the side wall and you scroll past without a second thought. Now remember the last time you checked the mail? What did you do? You sifted though it before you started reading it. There was an offer from Dominoes or Pizza Hut with little perforated coupons to tear off, you kept it right? 

People see a value in printed ads, leaflets far more than they do in digital ads. This is why all companies, especially local independent businesses need to use print to really connect with their potential audience and show them that you are valuable to them.

The quality and design/wording of your printed ad makes a lot of difference so go ahead and give us a call today to see if there is anything we can assist you with for your business... click contact us to get in touch and get 10% off your first order when you quote "blog".

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